LIBRO CLOUDADMINS: Devops y seguridad Cloud

Hola a tod@s, NOVEDAD! LIBRO BY @cloudadms Conceptos DevOps avanzados, casos de uso con Rancher (K8S), AWS, OpenNebula, Jenkins, Terraform…   DevOps y seguridad cloud surge como parte del material elaborado en el posgrado en Administración y Cloud Computing … Continued

New OpenNebula VCLOUD driver: Building Hybrid Clouds with VMware cloud providers

Based in its definition, the “Hybrid Cloud Computing” is a model which combines the use of multiple Cloud services across different deployment models, including combining the use of services of public cloud services private cloud outside or inside organization / … Continued

How to install Terminix on Ubuntu 15.10

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What is Terminix? Terminix is a tiling terminal emulator based on the gnome-terminal VTE widget that allows you to arbitrarily split terminals horizontally and vertically. It has similar features like iTerm or Terminator. More information:   Terminix requires the … Continued

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