EEDC Seminars - Big and Open Data

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Last Thursday (April, 19th 2012) was celebrated in Barcelona the first day of the EEDC Seminars, inside the Master in Computer Architecture, Networks and Systems (CANS-UPC). The first day was focused in Big and Open Data,  you can see the program here.
The seminar was divided in two different presentations:

  •  Big Data by Marc de Palol (@lant)

Among the interesting things covered, he talked about the three main actions in Big Data: Inserting, processing and serving/using the data. During the presentation, several free software project references were enumerated by Marc. A little piece of the list :  Hadoop, Hive, Nosqldb, Memcache, Thrift, Mahout,…

He explained that OpenData is the idea that certain data (like scientific and government data) should be freely accessible to everyone to use and republish as they wish without restrictions from copyright, patents or other mechanisms of control. David Sánchez explained that actually in Spain a business model based on OpenData analysis is already a challenge. Here you can see a useful example of Big Data application.

In few days, the next  EEDC Seminar will cover IaaS, SaaS and Mobile Apps topics.  See you there!

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