Virtualization Unlocks Cloud Computing

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The use of Cloud Computing and Virtualization is increasing , as is evident with the large current offer of Cloud Computing services. If we focus on Cloud infrastructure providers we find various services and content. Furthermore these technologies have the support of big companies.
As the possibilities of Cloud Computing and services offered through it are improving and expanded, the companies will be increasingly attracted to this technology for its intrinsic value and simplicity.
Cloud computing will eliminate many aspects of IT that traditionally required to have internal IT resources, which will be attractive to companies, whether small or large. To open a business in the Cloud it is not necessary to spend initial capital (Capex) and only pay for its use (Opex).
In traditional IT researchers found that about 80% of local computing resources of a company are underutilized (eg, it is possible that at some point we are only running two or three applications in our computer software, and so we lose much of its computational potential), certainly would make sense to incorporate many of these applications to the Cloud. These advantages are encouraging, not only because of the cost reduction in software licensing, but also by reduced IT spending and the obvious advantages that provides standardization. Moreover, the outsourcing of these functions allows companies to focus on their core competencies, leaving the management of their servers, applications and manage their data in the hands of companies specializing in this environment can offer a continuous service.
Service providers feel the urgent need to make the transition from their network architectures, computer, software, etc and their service delivery models to better adaptation to this new environment. This is only possible if resources can be dynamically reconfigured to meet new service requests with minimal human intervention.
Service providers should also be able to allocate dynamically increase or decrease the capacity of resources with the least effort possible thanks to its programmability and to respond to unpredictable demand curves, and nobody can predict which device application or service will be the next big driver of bandwidth in the cloud. Moreover, there are other critical issues, such as latency, security and speed of service, which entails the need for a network that will prioritize and manage traffic reliably.
It is becoming increasingly clear that the traditional approach to service delivery cannot long resist the emerging innovations and their related applications. In this new era, service providers need to adopt a perspective and a totally different approach to replace the current access to intelligent services, automated service-oriented. Those who assume that their services should evolve to become a well capable of adapting quickly to innovation initiated by virtualization and cloud computing to exploit and transform new benefits services will succeed. Those who do not will face a number of difficulties.
“Virtualization Unlocks Cloud Computing” is a phrase that defines, what is virtualization for Cloud Computing. So virtualization unlocks Cloud Computing and the power of virtualization is the key to enable the technology to cloud computing environments. In summary virtualization is a step toward internal Cloud Computing. It must be clear that Virtualization is not part of Cloud Computing. Virtualization is a technology that enables Cloud Computing.
Cloud means “outsourcing of IT technology”. It is a model based on elastic infrastructure that can scale up or down according to demand. Here the virtualization plays an important role.
There are at least five things that virtualization opens the door to cloud computing, and push faster organizations that address:
– Enables economies of scale.
– Decouples users from implementation.
– Speed, flexibility, agility.
– Breaks software pricing and licensing.
– Enables, motivates chargeback.
So the evolution is first virtualization, later Private Cloud and now it is beginning the Cloud Computing era.

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