SysAdmin VS CloudAdmin

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Introducción Para muchos que empiezan por primera vez al campo de las tecnologías de la información, al principio todo el esfuerzo puede resultar abrumador. Existen diversas direcciones en las que orientar la carrera, dónde la mayoría están determinadas por sus … Continued

Barcelona OpenNebula TechDay – May 8, 2019

posted in: General | 0 OPENNEBULA TECHDAY – BARCELONA MAY 08, 2019 • BARCELONA   Containers 2.0 and beyond (LXD, RANCHER, KUBERNETES, UNIKERNELS,…) SCHEDULE OPENNEBULA WELCOME Wednesday, May 08 – 10:00AM to 10:20AM Michael Abdou OPENNEBULA LXD CONTAINER SUPPORT OVERVIEW Wednesday, May 08 … Continued

Barcelona Cloud Techday 24/5 : Especial OpenNebula y VMware The OpenNebula Cloud TechDays are day-long educational and networking events to learn about OpenNebula.  Join our technical experts from OpenNebula by OpenNebula Systems for a one-day, hands-on workshop on cloud installation and operation. You’ll get a comprehensive overview of OpenNebula … Continued

New OpenNebula VCLOUD driver: Building Hybrid Clouds with VMware cloud providers

Based in its definition, the “Hybrid Cloud Computing” is a model which combines the use of multiple Cloud services across different deployment models, including combining the use of services of public cloud services private cloud outside or inside organization / … Continued

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